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Bicing map barcelona. Bicing map (Catalonia Spain) to print. Bicing map (Catalonia Spain) to download. A bicing tour organized by a local guide is the best way to get to know the city of Barcelona and its surroundings for the first time (see bicing map). From my own experience, I know that the guides know how to tell you interesting stories and anecdotes about the city. From 20 euros per day you can book various bicing tours in Barcelona, or you can rent a bike for a day.

Bicing map barcelona

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The ronda verda is composed of 6 main sections, goes around (incomplete) the outskirts of Barcelona it stretches for about 72 km. You will find all practical information (and interactive bicing maps) on the website. A well-marked 22 km circuit (integrated into the ronda verda) follows the bicing path that runs along the waterfront north-east of La Barceloneta. You can transport your bike in the metro, except during weekdays during rush hours (7-9:30 am and 5-8:30 pm) - these restrictions are lifted on weekends, public holidays, and in July and August.
Skateboarding and bicing are also very popular in Barcelona. In Barcelona and the metropolitan area, there are tens of kilometers of bicing paths. On 22 March 2007, Barcelona City Council started the Bicing service, a bicycle service understood as a public transport (see bicing map). Once the user has their user card, they can take a bicycle from any of the 100 stations spread around the city and use it anywhere the urban area of Barcelona, and then leave it at another station. The service has been a success, with 50,000 subscribed users in three months.