Barcelona zone map

Map of barcelona zone. Barcelona zone map (Catalonia Spain) to print. Barcelona zone map (Catalonia Spain) to download. The R1 Line runs from Molins de Rei in El Baix Llobregat up to Maçanet-Massanes in La Selva in Girona Province as its shown in barcelona zone map. The stops in Barcelona are Barcelona-Sants, Barcelona-Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona-Arc de Triomf and Barcelona-Clot-Aragó. This is a very popular line in summer as it takes in all the beach towns north of Barcelona zone, including Badalona, Mataró and Calella on the Costa del Maresme and Blanes on the Costa Brava.

Map of barcelona zone

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The R8 Line runs from Martorell south of Barcelona to Granollers Centre in the north without going through the Barcelona zone centre as its shown in barcelona zone map. The main purpose of this Barcelona Local Trains line is to provide a direct connection to the Universtat Autònoma de Barcelona and surrounding municipalities, such as Sant Cugat and Rubí, for travellers from less accessible towns inland from Barcelona zone.
The R7 Line runs from Barcelona-Sant Andreu Arenal to the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona at Cerdanyola as its mentioned in barcelona zone map. As the R7 serves the north zone of the city, the only other Barcelona stop is Barcelona-Torre del Baró. UAB Students travelling from Barcelona City Centre zone also have a Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat line that starts at Plaça Catalunya.