Barcelona ferry map

Map of barcelona ferry. Barcelona ferry map (Catalonia Spain) to print. Barcelona ferry map (Catalonia Spain) to download. Barcelona ferries connect Spain with Ibiza and other countries as its shown in barcelona ferry map. Sailings from Barcelona are operated by numerous ferry companies. There are up to 16 ferry crossings daily from Barcelona with sailing durations starting from 6 hours. Our Barcelona ferry summary provides a good guide but for the latest sailing information use our fare search.

Map of barcelona ferry

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There is a wide variety of ferries that currently run from the port of Barcelona, to over 14 different destinations in several different countries, including ferry services to other ports in Spain. There are ferries to Italy, Morocco, Algeria, Mallorca, and other nearby islands, so there is a wide variety of ferries to choose from when picking your route as its mentioned in barcelona ferry map. There are up to 81 Barcelona ferry sailings a week, and sail times can take anywhere between 6 hours, to 31 and a half hours, very much depending on what route you are travelling on.