Barcelona map europe

Map of spain showing barcelona. Barcelona map europe (Catalonia Spain) to print. Barcelona map europe (Catalonia Spain) to download. Barcelona is located on the northeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula as its shown in barcelona map europe. There is a population of 1,621,537 within the urban area, with greater Barcelona composed of around 4.5 million. This makes Barcelona the sixth-most populous urban area in the European Union and Europe largest metropolis on the Mediterranean coast.

Map of spain showing barcelona

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Barcelona is one of the most stylish cities in Europe, though more restrained and with a more determinedly timeless style than Paris or Milan (see barcelona map europe). Dress in Extremadura and in the smaller cities of Castile remains relatively austere, even on festive occasions, while Andaluz dress on festive occasions is elaborate and ostentatious.
Barcelona is a major cultural and economic centre in southwestern Europe (Iberian Peninsula), 26th in the world (after Moscow, before Dubai) and a growing financial centre (Diagonal Mar and Gran Via). As of 2009 Barcelona was ranked Europe fourth best city for business. One of Europe principal Mediterranean ports can be found here as well as Barcelona international airport, which handles above 34 million passengers per year (see barcelona map europe).