Poblenou barcelona map

Map of poblenou barcelona. Poblenou barcelona map (Catalonia Spain) to print. Poblenou barcelona map (Catalonia Spain) to download. The Poblenou district in Barcelona is a land of contrasts (as its mentioned in poblenou barcelona map). Poblenou, a former factory district, began to turn towards the sea in 1992 during the Olympic Games. Of the old factories remain the red brick chimneys that are still standing and even classified. Many modern buildings have grown here and there, near the seafront, giving a new face to the Barcelona district which is even crossed by the tramway.

Map of poblenou barcelona

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In the past, the Poblenou neighborhood of Barcelona was just a swamp similar to the ones you can see a few seconds before landing at the airport. The metamorphosis of the Poblenou neighborhood of Barcelona really began during the preparation of the 1992 Olympic Games. The factories were for some of them rehabilitated into housing (as its shown in poblenou barcelona map). Others were destroyed to give way over the years to an even more vertical landscape. Office towers, modern housing and trendy hotels were built and are still being built today.