Barcelona suburbs map

Map of barcelona suburbs. Barcelona suburbs map (Catalonia Spain) to print. Barcelona suburbs map (Catalonia Spain) to download. Literally meaning expansion, the Eixample (pronounced Eh – Sham- pla) suburb is the 'newer' part of Barcelona (as its shown in barcelona suburbs map); meaning it dates back to the late 1900 when the rise of Modernism gave way to luminaries such as Antoni Gaudi and Llius Domenech i Muntaner amongst their other incredibly talented and innovative architects. Stretching up from Plaza Catalunya into Gracia suburb, to locals, the Eixample is easily divided into two areas, the right and the left; with the latter coined the ‘Gayxample’, as its home to Barcelona thriving gay scene.

Map of barcelona suburbs

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Starting in the hilly area surrounding Gaudi Park Guell, Gràcia suburb of Barcelona stretches down to Eixample in the south (as its mentioned in barcelona suburbs map). Gracia suburb of Barcelona is full of hipsters, chic expats, artists, families, minimalists and even okupas (squatters). Originally separate a city from Barcelona – until the Eixample connected the two – this ancient town has all the charm of the center without that distinctive city smell. While you wont find many an ascensor (lift/elevator) in any block of flats, the buildings rarely rise above three stories and many of them have been renovated or made into lofts.