Street art barcelona map

Barcelona street art map. Street art barcelona map (Catalonia Spain) to print. Street art barcelona map (Catalonia Spain) to download. Probably the liveliest corner in all of Barcelona, just across the street from Parc del Centre del Poblenou, is where you will find the outer walls of a building that used to be, walls that now serve as a canvas, an easel and a sketchbook (as its shown in street art barcelona map). Works on this wall have been created by some of Barcelona most recognised graffiti artists of street art: S. Waknine, Valiente Creations, ONA, and Adit, among others. The works are frequently painted over to provide a clean slate for other artists, so there is always something fresh to gaze at.

Barcelona street art map

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From the graffiti corner if you make a 180-degree turn you will see the Superhero of Poblenou the best street art in Barcelona. NauART, which provides a workspace for professional and amateur artists to hone their craft, commissioned Omino71 to create a mural for the front garage door as its mentioned in street art barcelona map. A lot of businesses around Barcelona ask artists to decorate their doors for a couple different reasons. One is to protect the doors of their shops from getting painted by amateur graffiti artists and taggers, McCreight says. The other is to give passers-by a sense of what they might find inside the shop when it's closed.