Barcelona monuments map

Map of barcelona monuments. Barcelona monuments map (Catalonia Spain) to print. Barcelona monuments map (Catalonia Spain) to download. Construction of La sagrada familia began in 1882, adopting the neo-gothic style (as its shown in barcelona monuments map). A year later, the project was handed over to Gaudí, who completely redesigned it. Gaudí imagined an exceptional and innovative temple that would have 18 towers wich is now one of the best monuments in Barcelona. Unfortunately, he only had time to see one of them built before his death.

Map of barcelona monuments

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Known as La Pedrera ("the stone quarry" in French) because of its rustic stone appearance, Casa Milà (Milà House) is a surprising modernist building created by Gaudí between 1906 and 1912.La pedrera is one of the most famous monuments of Barcelona (see barcelona monuments map). This singular monument, located on the Passeig de Gràcia, reflects Gaudí's artistic fullness at a time when he was working on various projects in the Catalan city.