Barcelona cathedral map

Map of barcelona cathedral. Barcelona cathedral map (Catalonia Spain) to print. Barcelona cathedral map (Catalonia Spain) to download. The Cathedral of Barcelona, also known as La Seu or the Basilica of the Holy Cross and Santa Eulalia, is a fine example of Catalan Gothic architecture dating from the fourteenth century (as its shown in barcelona cathedral map). Even if the famous Sagrada Familia casts a shadow over it, the barcelona cathedral is an impressive Gothic temple capable of bewitching all its visitors.

Map of barcelona cathedral

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Already at the time of the Roman Empire, in 343 AD, a church was built on the site of the present Barcelona cathedral. The basilica was destroyed in 985 by the Moors. It was replaced by a Romanesque cathedral, built between 1046 and 1058. A Romanesque chapel, the Capella de Santa Llucia, was added between 1257 and 1268. Later it was integrated into the convent, located next to the cathedral (as its shown in barcelona cathedral map). Because of the civil wars and the Black Death in Barcelona, the construction of the cathedral progressed only slowly. The main construction of the cathedral was not finished until 1460, the Gothic facade was built much later, in 1889, and the newer part, the central spire of the cathedral, was completed in 1913.